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Sole On-Page SEO Case Study

For this website my goal was to boost website’s visibility without relying on external SEO tactics. I aimed to achieve this solely through on-page SEO techniques, which required strategic planning and execution.


In tackling the challenge of enhancing this website’s visibility through on-page SEO, I adopted a comprehensive approach that focused on optimizing various elements to improve search engine rankings and attract organic traffic.

Keyword Research:

Conducting thorough keyword research was the foundation of my approach. I utilized keyword research tools to identify relevant terms and phrases that aligned with the content and intent of each page on this website. This involved analyzing search volume, competition, and user intent to target keywords with the highest potential for driving traffic. Keywords were sorted in such a way that the lowest search volume keywords were given top priority. For the difficulty stats, SEMrush an Moz’s collective data was taken into account.

On-Page Optimization:

With a solid understanding of targeted keywords, I optimized the on-page elements of this website to align with search engine algorithms. This included optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and image alt text to incorporate targeted keywords naturally and improve the relevance and visibility of each page.

Content Quality:

Recognizing the importance of high-quality content in SEO, I prioritized the creation of informative, engaging, and valuable content that resonated with our target audience. Collaborating with skilled writers, I ensured that each piece of content provided valuable insights, addressed user queries, and offered solutions to their needs.

Content Structure:

In addition to content quality, I paid close attention to the structure of the content to enhance readability and user experience. This involved organizing content into clear sections with descriptive headings, bullet points, and multimedia elements to improve accessibility and engagement.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking played a crucial role in this approach to on-page SEO. By strategically interlinking relevant pages within the website, I aimed to improve site navigation, distribute link equity, and enhance the overall crawlability and indexing of website by search engines.

Technical Optimization:

Alongside content optimization, I addressed technical aspects of the website to ensure optimal performance and user experience. This included optimizing page load speed, implementing responsive design for mobile-friendliness, and resolving any technical issues that could hinder search engine crawling and indexing.


To execute this strategy effectively, I collaborated with skilled writers who understood the importance of creating high-quality, informative content. Together, we produced engaging articles and blog posts that resonated with target audience. These pieces were not only valuable to readers but also optimized for search engines, incorporating targeted keywords naturally within the content.


The results of our efforts were remarkable. This website experienced a significant increase in visibility, as evidenced by the Google Search Console data. With an overall 197,000 impressions and 1.63k clicks, the website garnered substantial traffic from organic search results. Additionally, achieving an average position of 13.7 on Google further validated the effectiveness of these on-page SEO strategies. With main keyword in top 3.


This case study highlights the power of on-page SEO in enhancing website visibility and driving organic traffic. By prioritizing quality content and strategic optimization techniques, I was able to achieve notable success without relying on external SEO tactics. This approach demonstrates that with the right strategy and execution, websites can improve their search engine ranking and reach a wider audience.

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